Friday, August 26, 2016

Trump Asked A Question - I Answer

Answering Donald Trumps's Good Question

Posted: Thursday, August 25, 2016 11:15 pm | Updated: 11:59 pm, Thu Aug 25, 2016.
Donald Trump recently posed an interesting question, one that deserves a thoughtful answer. He was addressing African-Americans and other minorities, but it could well be asked of all and serve as the slogan for his fascinating and unconventional presidential campaign.
After describing how Democrats and Hillary Clinton have allegedly abandoned the African-American community, and telling them how terrible their lives and jobs and schools are, the Republican nominee for president made a pitch for their votes by asking: “What the hell do you have to lose?”
Good question, Mr. Trump. Let’s go over the answers.
We stand to lose the very meaning of our country. We could lose America’s place as a great nation. We just might lose our basic freedoms. And some of us could lose our relatives, our families and our friends.
We could lose our diverse social culture and damage our economic recovery because you want to deport 11 million people, including children — although you are flip-flopping on that, now that you are behind in the polls.
We could lose our security because you have been alienating our allies and making the world doubt America will stand by its treaties and obligations. We could lose the very soul of our nation because you want to build a giant wall as the centerpiece of your alleged foreign policy plan.
We stand to lose the integrity of our electoral system should you prevail this November. Despite your self-serving and stupid claims of the system being “rigged” against you, the truth is you have altered campaigning in America. You have personally lowered the bar and done something people didn’t think was possible — given politicians and politics an even worse name.
You have shown us all that not only is it unimportant to tell the truth while campaigning, it’s not even necessary to pretend you’re telling the truth. You have demonstrated what many already knew — that hate and anger can be bundled together with frustration to create a formidable political force.
We can lose the right to expect our candidates to mean what they say. We have watched as you have clearly said things, then had surrogates go out into the media and tell us you didn’t say it. There is more interpreting going on in your campaign than in the United Nations.
We can lose our sense of right and wrong. You criticize the morals and actions of those who oppose you — sometimes rightfully — but fail to apply those same standards to yourself.
We can lose our self-respect. Your entire campaign is centered around telling us how bad things are. You prey on desperation. You criticize others, but have no plans of your own that include any details or any basis in reality. You act like you are the only choice to lift our poor, broken lives out of the pit of despair.
We can lose our empathy and our trust. You have insulted the Gold Star family of an American hero. You have called Mexicans rapists. You have questioned the integrity of a federal judge, born in Indiana, because he has a Mexican name. You propose to ban everyone with a certain religion from entering this country based only on their faith.
We can lose our ability to deal with hate. You feed on hate. You spread it, inspire it in your supporters and urge them to spread it to others.
We can lose our perspective. You tell us how as a businessman you gave money to all candidates from all parties in order to gain influence. Then you complain about your opponent having a charitable fund and say those giving to it are gaining influence. You refuse to release your tax returns, though you had promised to do so. You are a classic example of “Do as I say, not as I do.”
You and your campaign are mean-spirited, devoid of intelligent planning for our nation and wildly unstable and inconsistent. You threaten our safety, our security, our families and perhaps our very existence.
We have everything to lose, Mr. Trump. You will get your votes, and time will tell if they will be enough to elect you. But the answer to your question is simple.
We have everything to lose.
Bill Gouveia is a local columnist and longtime local official. He can be emailed at and followed on Twitter at @Billinsidelook.

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