Thursday, October 4, 2007

Making a Change

It is with many mixed emotions that, after almost ten years, I am leaving as a columnist for the Norton Mirror.

As of October 13th 2007 I will be writing a weekly column for the Attleboro Sun Chronicle. The Sun Chronicle is the area's largest daily newspaper, and one of the best and most recognized daily papers in the state. I am pleased and proud to be joining them as a columnist, and I look forward to establishing a relationship with their vast number of readers.

Leaving the weekly Mirror, and the sister papers Mansfield News and Easton Journal, was a difficult thing to do. However, the business side of this business sometimes rears its ugly head. I will miss the fine people at these papers, and I thank them for the opportunity they have given me over the years to make my views known.

I will continue to post here, both past columns and my various musings and ramblings. I hope you will continue to read me both here and at the Sun Chronicle, and I thank you for doing so.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations and best of luck!

Next article should be about Norton's newest police chief and the appointment. Do some digging and you will find some interesting information.