Wednesday, October 10, 2007

SportsTown USA

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, this is SportsTown USA. Welcome to New England, the Sports Capital of the known universe!

The Red Sox are in the ALCS on their way to their second World Series title in just four years. The Patriots are undefeated and favored to win their 4th Super Bowl Championship in the last seven years. The Celtics are suddenly the up-and-coming NBA franchise with the addition of Kevin Garnett and are favored to win the East. And the Bruins - well, three out of four ain't bad.

If you are a true sports fan, this is the time you live for. It doesn't get any better than this. The baseball season is reaching its climax, the football season is well underway, and basketball is almost ready to tip-off. And everywhere you look, our guys are right i n the thick of it.

The Sox have the best pitching in baseball, as well as the best 1-2 hitting punch since Ruth and Gehrig. The Patriots have the best quarterback in the game, and the guy they got for a 4th round draft-pick is leading the league in receiving. The Celtics have three bonafide superstars in their starting line-up for the first time since the Big Three in the 1980's.

Life is good.

This is why we stay up until 2:00 am watching mid-season baseball games on the West Coast. This is the payback for suffering through 2-14 football seasons. This is why we agonized over the Celtic draft postion all this spring. This is the reward for being what we so obviously are:

The best damn sports fans in the world.

We in New England, while certainly suffering from our own peculiar and particular traits, understand what sports is really all about. We know this is what makes our lives so great, aside from all that "family" stuff. We are fans who live and die with our teams, and our worlds revolve on the sporting world axis.

We can bitch and moan about our guys all year long, but we know we will be there for them when they need us. We can kill J.D. Drew for 6 months, then root unbelievably hard for him in the final 30 days. Our interest doesn't end with the season, we don't care about beating the traffic by leaving the stadium early. This is our time - we live it to the fullest.

So enjoy, New England. These things do not happen all that often. The Sporting Gods do not always smile down at us the way they are currently beaming. This is the good times - don't let them pass you by without taking full advantage.

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