Monday, September 26, 2016

Local Pols Who Could Fill In For Brady

GOUVEIA: Local officials who can fill in at quarterback for the Patriots

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Posted: Sunday, September 25, 2016 10:46 pm | Updated: 11:20 pm, Sun Sep 25, 2016.

As this is written, our beloved New England Patriots are undefeated at 3-0. And this is without superstar quarterback and avocado ice cream aficionado Tom Brady, who is serving time on a bum rap related to the possibility he might have known about something someone else might have done.
And in fact, the team's last victory was without Brady's backup, the equally handsome Jimmy Garappolo, who was just short of brilliant in the six quarters he played before suffering what the Patriots would no doubt call an upper body injury, but is rumored to be a sprained shoulder.

That led to the local franchise starting rookie quarterback Jacoby Brissett this past Thursday night. Belichick handed the youngster the keys to the luxury car, told him to stay on the highway and go slow, and bring it back in one piece. He did all that, and then some.
But in the process, Brissett injured his thumb, and now may be unable to play. That means the Patriots might not have anyone on their active roster who has ever taken a snap from center in the league, be it preseason or a real game. And despite the obvious and undeniable genius of Belichick, that is a bad thing.
So the Pats are in the market for a quarterback. It is obviously a temporary gig, lasting until Brady returns following the next game. They simply need someone new to drive the car for a week and not put any scratches in the shiny paint.
So I would like to make a suggestion to them. Instead of going through the waiver wire and paying huge sums of money for an alleged professional, why not take the amateur route? They could bring on someone with demonstrated leadership abilities who won't cost them many hundreds of thousands of dollars.
No, I'm not talking about college or high school athletes. I was thinking local political leaders. They would no doubt be less expensive, bring some area interest and undoubtedly provide some new perspective.
So in the spirit of supporting the local team, I offer my suggestions for local political types who might fill in at QB a week from Sunday. And if any of them need an agent, they know how to reach me.
Mansfield Selectman George Dentino - With a solid reputation for toughness, Dentino would be a good choice. As a chairman he has provided leadership, and it is well known he often plays hurt. He's a Belichick kind of guy.
Seekonk Town Administrator Shawn Cadime - a longshot at best, but Cadime is known for his ability to switch sides relatively quickly. He is no stranger to short-term stays with different teams. This might be just the role for him.
Foxboro Selectman Virginia Coppola - this is another veteran who brings considerable leadership experience to the task at hand. Her biggest strength appears to be clock management, making her ideal for the two-minute drill and finishing on time. But she's not a fan of loud music, so that might have to be limited in the stadium.
Attleboro Mayor Kevin Dumas - you have to be tough to play quarterback, and Dumas knows how to take a shot, get back in the huddle, and run the next play. He is smart, ambitious and determined - but also knows when it's time to take a knee and come out in the second half with new adjustments.
North Attleboro Selectman Patrick Reynolds - versatility is important, and Reynolds has shown an ability to play many different positions. His penchant for shifting and putting people in motion can definitely help reach the goal line. The main question is whether a consistent level of play can be maintained.
The Norton Planning Board - you could choose from this group when you want to mix up the signal-calling. The other team has a hard time understanding what they are trying to do - unfortunately, their own team often has the same problem. Just give them plenty of notice about when the game starts.
There are no doubt many other fine local choices, but this is only for one week. And if they all turn you down, Mr. Kraft, I'm available. But I don't want Brady or Garoppolo getting jealous.
Bill Gouveia is a local columnist and longtime local official. He can be emailed at and followed on Twitter at @Billinsidelook.

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